Cuba on my mind

I’ve had Cuba on my mind a lot lately.  Such a beautiful, colorful, extraordinary place.   I spent some time today walking through my photos.  Here are a few that spoke to me this afternoon…  I was in a mood to edit them in black and white…what do you think?

Dog passes graffiti and scaffolding
Dog passes a graffitied construction wall and scaffolding – Havana Cuba
Lean on me - Cuba
Lean on me – Building supports to buttress and prevent collapse, Central Havana Cuba
Dancing in Havana
Dancing in a new bar in Habana Vieja
New local bar, Central Havana
Another new bar in Central Havana
Caged bird on the street of tiled row houses - La Habana
Caged bird on the street of tiled row houses – Havana
Nightfall on a backstreet in Havana
Boys play at nightfall on a Havana street
Fishing the blackwater of Havana's river
Fishing in the blackwater of Havana’s river
Backstage at a fashion show - Havana Cuba
Backstage at a fashion show – Havana Cuba
Big black glasses in a red car
Laundry hung on a roofless building - Havana
Laundry on a roofless building – Havana
Baby sandwich - Havana Cuba
Baby Sandwich – Havana Cuba
Skateboarding on Avenue G - Havana Cuba
Skateboarding on Avenue G – Havana
dog in a sweater - Havana
December…dog in a sweater – Havana
Vedado at Dawn
Vedado at dawn – Havana 

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  1. When you get a chance to go back, travel beyond Havana. There is beauty in the eastern side as well. My husband’s family is from Baracoa on the bay, some are still there, some are here. The pictures I’ve seen from the family who have went to visit home again are nice. Papa came here in the 50’s, other family members later on… You should also go to Little Havana in Miami for some Cuban photos. :)

    1. Thanks Mrs. Abella for the reco! I have been across the island…all the way east to Baracoa and Santiago…and even out to the lighthouse at Punta de Maisi. It is a beautiful place, with incredibly resourceful and resilient people. I am interested in photographing families in Miami (or other parts of the U.S.A.) who left Cuba and may still have relatives inside Cuba. I’ve started a project, and will be working on that in the next year. If your family is interested in being part of that, please send me an e:mail at and we can make arrangements. Thanks again for viewing the photos and for writing your comment! Feliz Año Nuevo!

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