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  1. Dear Carol, We have just got back from a 2 week holiday touring round some of Cuba and have seen some dreadful sights. The thin and malnourished ponies pulling carts and dogs. I’ve read a bit about the Aniplant Project and want to make a donation to them. It looks like they work mainly in Havana, do you know if they work in Vinales too? We stopped there and one particular little black dog was in a terrible state. When I gave him some sausages that I had taken from breakfast I saw a wound on his back that had maggots. After gobbling the sausages he tried to lick the wound but could not reach it and started to cry. I can hear him now – is there anyone there who might help him? Angela O’Connell

    1. Hi Angela,
      As an animal lover, it is very hard to see some of the things you see in Cuba. There are no animal welfare laws, no shelter systems and of course, the economy there is so tough that it make’s day-to-day life difficult for every living Cuban–human or animal. Aniplant has locations in Havana and Varadero. You can read more about The Aniplant Project, which is a USA-based non-profit helping to support Aniplant’s spay/neuter campaigns, at http://www.theaniplantproject.org. You can also make a donation through the website. As a member of TAP now, I will ask if they know of anyone who can check on this little pup. Do you have a photo? When and where did you see the dog? They will need as much information as possible to send someone to look. Are you interested in adoption? It is not impossible in the USA, but considerably easier if you are in Canada. Please send this information to TheAniplantProject@comcast.net instead of replying here. Thanks Angela!

  2. I need a postal address for this organisation in Havana so that I can. Have a friend who is in Cuba now donate some CUCs when she, leaves .Sylvia

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      Aniplant is at 128 Principe, near Hotel Nacional and the Malecón. Near-by cross streets are Infanta and Hospital. THANK YOU!

  3. Hi there
    I am a veterinarian in California and would love to volunteer
    for spay and neuter/treatment clinics. Please advise on who to
    contact to do this.
    thanks so much
    Claudia Horvath

    1. Hi Claudia!
      Thanks so much for reading my blog and for the offer to help! I’m now part of The Aniplant Project (TAP) organization. I think you have already contacted TAP? You can find out more about Aniplant, and TAP which helps Aniplant in Cuba, at TheAniplantProject.org. The email address is TheAniplantProject@comcast.net. Please email your exact travel plans, and when you’ll be at Aniplant in Havana. Also let us know if you will need a translator when you’re there.
      Thank you!

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